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Canvas Bag Purchase
- Jul 16, 2018 -

A. Style

Style is the main means of expressing product style, and can also express customer's purchase critically.

The willingness of the Canvas Republic canvas bag is simple and fashionable, and the color is clean and beautiful, which is the first highlight of attracting customers. Good style is the cornerstone of sales success. When the styles are in line with the customer's "taste", they begin to enter the attention and judgment procedures for fabrics and workmanship.

Two. Fabric

Because of its solid and durable character, canvas fabrics were used in the early days to make military tents and parachutes. With the advancement of technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the types of canvas have gradually increased, and the application is more extensive. In the 21st century, when it entered the era of environmental protection, canvas, an environmentally friendly fabric, gained more recognition and carried a new fashion concept and entered the fashion field. The canvas bag has become a popular fashion item. However, when buying canvas bags, people often have misunderstandings. Some consumers think that the thicker the canvas bag, the better the quality. In fact, the quality of the fabric has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. The cotton content and the treatment method determine the quality of the fabric. Important factors, canvas fabrics of the Republic of the fabric after a variety of technical treatment of high-quality canvas fabric is not only solid and durable, while the hand feels more delicate, soft, breathable, the fabric's lightness also reduces the weight of the original heavy canvas bag.

According to a survey from the British Chiropractic Association, more than half of women are suffering from the pain of backpacks. The damage of the backpack is too comprehensive for the human body. The adult spine is like a tower crane, the left side is loaded, and the spine is bent to the left. If the left shoulder is 5 kg in weight, the right muscle may have a force of 15 to 20 kg to maintain the balance of the body. Over time, this force will eventually oppress the lumbar spine. Scoliosis does not only affect the appearance but also the health of the body. Scientists recommend that the ideal weight of the backpack should not exceed 3 kg. Our lives are hurrying, heavy work, heavy pressure, and shoulder-loading backpacks every day, adding another burden to our lives. Change your mood, please choose a lighter canvas bag.


Whether the work is fine or not, determines the quality of the product. The finer the work, the better. The higher the grade of the product. The main things you need to look at are the following:

Whether the pins of the bag are smooth, even, not loose, continuous, and the wires should be parallel with the edging; whether the hardware accessories are symmetrical, the locks are strong, the zipper pulls smoothly; whether the center of gravity of the package is offset; The bag should pay attention to whether the length of the bag is suitable; many people ignore the bottom of the bag, the bottom of the bag needs to be stable; the bag has a hem, the thickness should be moderate, keep the same as the appearance of the bag; if the bag is magnetic Close the lid to see if the accuracy of the lid is appropriate, and the feel when it is covered is smooth. The accessories of the Canvas Republic canvas bag are mostly made of iron, copper or zinc alloy die-casting blanks, which are processed by ancient silver plating and sealing glaze to achieve perfect texture and multiple washing and washing effect. (This is the requirement of clothing for hardware accessories, because there will be many washings after the clothing is sold, ordinary canvas bags are rarely useful)