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Canvas Bag Type
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Canvas Republic - solves the problem of canvas bag purchase. The professional fashion canvas bag brand of FLARE. The canvas bag provided by Canvas Republic is made of high-quality encrypted cotton canvas fabric, which is friendly to the earth from production to disposal. The brand is said to have the world's most colorful canvas bag products.

Low carbon environmental protection

Representative: Monochrome Ballet

Monochrome ballet [canvas brand new sharp brand] is a new fashion culture trend of urban white-collar workers, pursuing high-quality cultural life and optimistic and healthy life attitude, advocating fashion trends, attaching importance to spiritual life and artistic aesthetics.


Representative: Fendi

The croissant is a classic masterpiece in the Fendi leather collection, and its famous crimping seam is even more famous than its double F logo. For young women, handmade cowhide croissants are quite expensive. Therefore, Fendi succeeded in developing a fun material – a special canvas with luster, which was used to make a variety of croissants with different shapes. In 2013, the style of dark green with bright orange color combination is the most original.

Representative: DriftWood driftwood

Because we always insist on using only canvas to make bags, every new launch of driftwood will make people look forward to it. In 2013, we will focus on the domestic market and return to the simple and fashionable design, which is the perfect embodiment of the free and low-key characteristics of canvas. Because of the specificity and more professional, Avatar's success has been a perfect publicity for the classic 40-13 driftwood. Its low profile brings the market's low profile.

Vintage England

Representative: Me'landers

The trend of Asia has always been led by Japan and South Korea, but the trend of Japan and South Korea has always been led by the strong British trend of Europe. At first glance, Me'landers's canvas bag has a strong Japanese and Korean style. In fact, this is a thorough British style.

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