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Plastic Shopping Bag Environmental Hazard
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Each ton of plastic produced consumes 3 tons of oil. China's annual waste plastics entering the landfill with domestic garbage account for 3%-5% of the weight of landfill waste, most of which are waste plastic shopping bags, especially ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness less than 0.025 mm. 

Waste plastics are not easily degraded under natural conditions, causing long-term and potential ecological problems. First, waste plastic packaging is mixed in the soil, which is easy to cause soil compaction, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, leading to crop yield reduction; second, discarding waste plastic packaging in land or water, which is swallowed by animals as food, leading to animals. The deaths are not uncommon. Third, the waste plastics mixed into domestic garbage are difficult to handle. Domestic waste mixed with waste plastics is not suitable for composting. The sorted waste plastics are difficult to use because they cannot guarantee quality.