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Why Literary And Artistic Youth Love Canvas Bag?
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Canvas bags have always been the standard for young artists,If the school uniform is a student's logo, the canvas bag is definitely a symbol of literary and artistic youth.


Carrying a canvas bag on the back to travel, as if to put on the story and vicissitudes of the first half of life, walking slowly, looking for the future.


The canvas bag is a simple, symbolic bag with a complex meaning. Just like every literary and artistic youth, the appearance is always stunned and uncontested. The heart is the sea of stars. It is always surging, and only those who truly understand them know their personality.


In "Doctors", Hui Jing was once a female hooligan who was feared by everyone. She had been mad at her fists and had been jailed for committing crimes. But wearing baseball uniforms and jeans, carrying a canvas bag, in the audio-visual store, she is a literary youth who is harmless to humans.